Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Students as Lesson Evaluators?

In order to be effective in delivering lessons through the use of ICT, student opinions are worth considering.

Carrie A. Calloway presents in her article the guide questions for a survey that can be used and administered to students in order to gather information about how ICT can be effectively used in teaching. Here are the questions:

  1. Do you think the lesson made effective use of technology? Explain.
  2. What portions of the lesson did you feel worked well and were easy to comprehend?
  3. What portions of the lesson did you feel were not beneficial in understanding the content presented?
  4. What would you change about this lesson?
  5. How would you rate the overall delivery and design of this lesson?
  6. Were the instructions clearly outlined and easy to follow?
  7. Did the lesson offer opportunities for interaction with the teacher and other students?
  8. Did the lesson build upon your prior knowledge (i.e. were real-world examples utilized)?
  9. Were you involved in hands-on learning opportunities during the lesson?
  10. Did you find the lesson motivating in such a way that you would like to further explore the topic presented?
  11. Would you recommend the teacher use this lesson again in the future?
  12. Additional comments...

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