Thursday, October 23, 2008

DepED's ICT4E Strategic Plan

Last September during the 3rd National ICT Congress in Cebu, Secretary Jesli Lapus announced the 5-year Information and Communications Technology for Education (ICT4E) 5-year Strategic Plan. Its vision is about enabling 21st Century Education for All Filipinos, Anytime, Anywhere. Consultative workshops have been conducted among the various education stakeholders (teachers, administrators, DepED management, students, parents, other government agencies and the private sector) in the formulation of this plan. While I believe in this plan, I think it is about time that we have this plan, I am quite concerned on how it will be operationalized. The DepED has eyed quite a big budget for this, which is hoped to get approved by our legislators. While this is still being awaited, projects with the DepED will continue. Today, we learned that Oracle will expand its online learning project, called ThinkQuest in partnership with the DepED. For us, a fellow government agency, will continue the iSchools and eSkwela projects.


Anonymous said...

can u discuss more about the deped ict4e strategic plan? i would like to know about the possible effects of this to philippine education system. thanks a lot!

Maui Salang Dulce said...

Hi Anonymous! I think the DepED has done some things in support of this ICT4E plan. Among those that I know are the provision of funds for the internet connectivity of schools, the DepED computerization program, embracing Google Apps to provide emails for teachers, and many others. The DepED is also conducting an evaluation of the past computerization programs in order to better prepare them for the computerization program for elementary schools. I am hopeful that these activities, when done properly, can make a positive impact in improving Philippine public education.