Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ICT integration in Classroom teaching

This photo is from a class in an ICT High School in the Philippines. This school is under the Department of Education, a public high school.

It prides to have a special ICT curriculum for teaching and learning, and has the necessary facilities for implementing its curriculum. In fact, in this particular class, they are using a laptop and an LCD projector to present lessons.

Wow! This school seems to be special.

I particularly enjoyed observing this class because the students are very active (I hope they are consistently active in their classes and not just because there are observers), and that the teacher is very skilled in facilitating classroom discussion. But I was sad because the projection of the lessons through an LCD projector seemed like a 'glorified blackboard.' Which means, the lessons can actually be written on the blackboard and would have the same impact on the students.

Through this incident I have become more curious on what ICT integration in teaching and learning in the classroom is all about. What are teachers' ideas on ICT integration? How can we say that a class that utilizes ICT is really able to integrate ICT in teaching and learning? Was this class that I have observed practiced ICT integration?
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